“Ask Dr. David” Video Series: Masks & Sending Our Children Back to School in the Age of COVID-19

August 19, 2020

by DAVID BERGER, MD As schools reopen around the country, parents are seeking answers on how to keep their children safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this series of “Ask Dr. David” videos, we address common questions related to children and masks. Is It Safe for My Child to Wear a Mask? How Do I […]

We’re Now Open! What You Need to Know About Visiting the Office After the COVID-19 Shutdown

May 14, 2020

We sure miss seeing our patients in the office! The past few months have been an unprecedented, crazy time. Our entire lives have changed – work, school, family, and free time are all different. During this time, Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care has learned a lot about COVID-19 by closely following what’s been happening around […]

COVID Prevention, Masks, and the Danish Study

November 24, 2020

by DAVID BERGER, M.D. There has been much discussion on social media about a recent mask study performed by a team of cardiologists in Denmark (  Details about the study:  6,000 individuals were included in the study; half were instructed to wear a mask and half were not. Participants in the mask-wearing group were provided […]

Press Release: FDA Vaccine Approval Committee Fails to Solicit Public Input Despite Widespread Concerns

October 21, 2020

Dr. David Berger of Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care comments on FDA’s actions concerning public input on COVID-19 vaccine TAMPA, Fla. October 21, 2020 — According to recent surveys, nearly 50% of Americans say they are unlikely to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. The main reasons cited are concerns about potential negative […]

“Ask Dr. David” (COVID) – Thoughts on the Upcoming FDA Meeting to Discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Approval

October 19, 2020

The FDA is holding an advisory committee meeting October 22, 2020 to discuss the approval process for COVID-19 vaccines. Though public comments were permitted (and needed to be submitted by October 15, 2020), the FDA did virtually no public outreach to solicit input from stakeholders who have valid input to offer on issues affecting the […]

Dr. David’s Formal Letter to the FDA Advisory Committee About the Development, Authorization, and Licensure of COVID-19 Vaccines.

October 15, 2020

The FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will meet October 22, 2020 to discuss the development, authorization, and licensure of COVID-19 Vaccines. Though the committee failed, in good faith, to adequately inform the public it was accepting comments, upon learning of the meeting, Dr. David felt it imperative to voice his opinion through […]

“Ask Dr. David” (COVID) – Why Was the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Paused?

September 14, 2020

by DAVID BERGER, MD You may have heard in the news that one of the main COVID-19 vaccine trials was halted. In this video, Dr. David discusses why the pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, decided to pause their COVID-19 vaccine trials.

Our Wholistic Planet Newsletter: Rushing the COVID Vaccine & Addressing Herd Immunity

September 4, 2020


“Ask Dr. David” (COVID): Is Herd Immunity Realistic or Achievable for Coronavirus?

September 4, 2020

by DAVID BERGER, MD As we hear more about “herd immunity” in the news, many people are wondering what it is and whether it is achievable for coronavirus. In this video Dr. David address the concept of herd immunity as it relates to COVID-19.

Dr. David’s Corner: Why Rushing A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be a Disaster

September 4, 2020

by DAVID BERGER, M.D. People who know my philosophy on vaccines know that I am a firm believer in informed consent coupled with personal choice. In other words, patients should be provided all relevant information and then be allowed to make an informed decision based on what is best for themselves and their families.  With […]

Supporting Our Children’s Emotional Health As They Return to School Amidst COVID-19

August 19, 2020

by LYDIA ABRAMS, LCSWSchool Counselor, Hillel Academy of Tampa and Therapist at ProTherapyPlus, LLC Returning to school amidst COVID-19 can bring about various feelings for children and parents alike. COVID-19 is an “unprecedented” event; while some of us may have experienced or witnessed a pandemic before, no one has had prior experience with COVID-19. We […]

COVID-19 Resource: Hillel Academy School Playbook

August 19, 2020

Under the guidance of Dr. David and our physician assistant, Ethan Levy, Hillel Academy of Tampa mapped out options and a plan for creating a safe school year during an ever-changing and uncertain public health situation. The first part of the playbook addresses the school’s academic plan; the second part focuses on the school’s health and safety […]

Our Wholistic Planet Newsletter: Masks & Back-to-School Safety In the Time of COVID-19

August 19, 2020