Our Integrative & Functional

Medicine Approach

At Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care (WPFC), our providers and staff offer a caring, knowledgeable, open-minded approach to healthcare. We utilize effective strategies that address the root causes of disease and declining health nutrients. These include nutrient analysis, dietary modification, exercise, hormonal, biomedical, and other disease prevention approaches to help people achieve optimal health and happiness in their daily lives.

While the terms  “Integrative Medicine” and “Functional Medicine” are commonly used interchangeably, we see them as related, but slightly different. Functional medicine focuses on the root cause of disease and symptoms, and works to optimize the body so it functions at well as possible. Integrative medicine utilizes (or “integrates”) multiple modalities and medical systems to achieve optimal health .

We believe our patients should be in the driver’s seat of their healthcare, and our role is to facilitate and empower them toward their goals. Our philosophy is one of full informed consent on all treatments. We encourage questions, discuss concerns, and provide patients information on the risks and benefits of their options, and then we support and respect individual decisions.


Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care

Wholistic ReLeaf

  • David Berger, MD, FAAP  – Board Certified Pediatrician
  • Tanya Gold, MD – Board Certified in Family Medicine & Holistic Medicine
  • Kalman Pila, MD – Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice

Our Staff

Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care

  • Shari Kulanu, Executive Director
  • Emily Colón, General Manager
  • Stephanie Folines, Provider Support
  • Kimmie Stadelman, Lab Manager & Phlebotomist
  • Lorraine Torres, Medical Assistant
  • Kiara Howard, Medical Assistant
  • Sasha Doodnauth, Medical Assistant
  • Annette Abrantes, Lab Associate
  • Emily Morgan, Billing and Supplements Associate
  • Megan Bird, Front Desk Personnel
  • Bobby Chandler, Front Desk Personnel

Wholistic ReLeaf

  • Whitley Procopio, Cannabis Clinic Manager; Marketing Coordinator & Media Relations
  • Mailyn Alvarez, Patient Educator
  • Alex Woodard, Patient Care Coordinator

Our Facilities