Your Partner in Health

May 31, 2012

by Catherine Nutting, DNP, FNP | Nationally Certified Family Nurse Practitioner


Early in life I was diagnosed with chronic autoimmune disease and cancer. As I researched treatment options, I learned that traditional medical approaches were often ineffective at improving overall health and happiness. In fact, these treatment methods often resulted in declining health and energy, which I personally refused to accept for my present or future. I extensively researched and used science-based strategies that address the root causes of disease and declining health, rather than continue with approaches that had failed to treat and manage my symptoms. By using an integrative approach combining traditional and alternative treatments, I was able to heal myself and regain the health and vibrancy I had lost.

Having met many roadblocks in my quest to implement an integrative approach, I realized how difficult it is to find nonjudgmental, caring, knowledgeable, open-minded providers who could facilitate and empower me toward my goals. I strive daily to be this type of provider for my patients.


Through my postgraduate training in metabolic and nutritional medicine and an integrative medicine residency, I have had the pleasure of learning from experts how to utilize nutrients, exercise, hormones, and other disease prevention strategies to help clients achieve optimal health and happiness in their daily lives.


After spending time at our Tampa office this summer, I am now back in Virginia. I will continue to do telemedicine consults throughout the year, and will see patients in the Tampa office approximately every other month.