Thank you, Dr. Berger, for writing and sharing facts and feelings with your patients. It certainly helped me understand the virus, the vaccine, and the options much better. Reading this also made me feel much better about having you as one of my physicians, I feel I got to know you better. My parents believe the virus is a hoax or was created to control the world’s people’s. They also don’t believe in its vaccine, my mother even thinks there are micro/tracking chips in vaccines and that there is dog DNA in vaccines that makes us more likely to get other viruses and diseases. My husband, a very reasonable, logic driven, computer guy is currently battling Covid-19 in our bedroom (tested positive two days ago) while I tend to the kids and all else wearing a mask and hoping I don’t get sick or that my kids get nothing worse than the sniffles. I still don’t know where I stand on getting the vaccine or not, but it is comforting to know there is someone else with whom I can discuss the options. Thank you. [Re: 01/26/21 Newsletter]

Kari C. - February 1, 2021

Thank you so much for the information from Ethan Levy, PA, and your personal decision regarding the Covid vaccine. I think this has been very helpful information for your patients and others too. [Re: 01/26/21 Newsletter]

Carole M. - January 29, 2021

Thank you so very much for that in depth, extensive explanation of why, after much thought concerning your own medical history, you chose the Covid-19 vaccine and thank you for sharing it’s specific effects upon you, personally. I look forward to hearing about how your body handles the second dose. [Re: 01/26/21 Newsletter]

Kelly H. - January 28, 2021

I just wanted to say thank you for sending out these emails to your practice members – both before Covid entered our lives, but especially afterwards! So many of us trust your information and guidance and appreciate that while this virus is so new and there are so many unknowns, you have provided us with education and transparency so that we can feel a bit more confident as we read and evaluate the data to make informed choices for our families. [Re: 01/26/21 Newsletter]

Lisa H. - January 27, 2021

These articles were very well written and has helped us to make a decision about the Covid19 vaccine. Either way is a risk and this helped to clarify those risks. [Re: 01/26/21 Newsletter]

C.H. - January 27, 2021

Dear Dr. David,

We selected you as our pediatrician, well before our daughter was born.  We knew that we wanted to raise her as holistically and as healthy as we could.  Not just limiting the toxins and chemicals around her environmentally, but also in the overall medicinal approach and care that we provide for her.  We believe in the biomedical approach to medicine. You were our perfect match and from the moment we met you, in 2012, you have been a godsend to us.  You have been her doctor since the day she was born. And our doctor.  We feel a very special connection with you.  We have learned so much from you and you have helped keep our daughters immune system very healthy, through the correct supplements and vitamins. We trust you. We research along side you. You listen to our ideas, answer all of our questions and we have an open monologue for communication, which is so important to us. (more…)

CW & KW - September 5, 2018

My 2 year old son suffers from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a rare form of intractable epilepsy. Since beginning a low-THC, high CBD cannabis treatment 3 months ago, his seizure frequency reduced from almost 100 seizures per day to less than 40. His appetite has been great, he sleeps very well, and he’s retained much of his ongoing development. He’s a very happy, active and energetic boy and we are more than happy with the treatment thus far. Thanks to you and your staff, they are all wonderful.

Father of Brian S - June 9, 2017

My son developed intense stomach pains in Jan ’16 as a result of a stomach virus. Over ten weeks, he tried eight prescription meds for pain. Nothing helped. He also developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) & depression to the point that he was unable to interact with other children and had to be removed from school and put into a home school program. Dr. Berger began treating my son in June ’16, and tried various supplement combinations over nine months. During that time we saw some improvement in my son’s pain levels, anxiety, and depression, but not enough to get him back to school. In March ’17, my son started medical cannabis, oral tincture form under Dr. Berger’s care. Within two weeks, we saw drastic improvements. My son no longer has any pain, his anxiety has disappeared completely, and he sleeps & eats much better. He is back in school full time, playing sports, and playing with friends. He is happy, well-adjusted, and his concentration in school has improved. The medical cannabis has been a miracle for him.

DR, mother of MR - April 3, 2017

So lucky to have found Dr Berger and his staff! I always feel like they listen and genuinely care about my son. They go above and beyond. I will continue to drive an hour to see them!

Amy R. - January 14, 2017

Nicole’s seizures have reduced dramatically! Some evenings she has been seizure free! She is up dancing and playing and doing things she had stopped doing previously. We are very excited and encouraged.

Christine F. for Nicole F. - December 3, 2016