September 5, 2018

Dear Dr. David,

We selected you as our pediatrician, well before our daughter was born.  We knew that we wanted to raise her as holistically and as healthy as we could.  Not just limiting the toxins and chemicals around her environmentally, but also in the overall medicinal approach and care that we provide for her.  We believe in the biomedical approach to medicine. You were our perfect match and from the moment we met you, in 2012, you have been a godsend to us.  You have been her doctor since the day she was born. And our doctor.  We feel a very special connection with you.  We have learned so much from you and you have helped keep our daughters immune system very healthy, through the correct supplements and vitamins. We trust you. We research along side you. You listen to our ideas, answer all of our questions and we have an open monologue for communication, which is so important to us.

Before our daughter was born, we thought it was interesting that you were one of the leading Autism doctors in the nation.  That your biomedical approach was healing and recovering kids.  It was just always something we remember reading about you back then, that has always stuck in our minds. Until now. It’s hard to believe that our daughter was diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum. It’s a little shocking to be honest. We aren’t sure how we got here, and why it happened.  All we knoCWKW Pediatric Autism Testimonial WPFC 0718w is that she is amazing and we love her so much. To us, she is perfect and we will continue to do everything we can for her to succeed. To possibly overcome this. With you by our side advocating for us and to find out what the best option is to help her.  There is no one else we would rather have as our family doctor.

Looking back now, we believe that we were led to you for this reason, and where we are at right now with our daughter. We honestly feel that if we would not have selected you from the beginning, that our daughter would have many more issues than she does now. She has come so far with the things that we have done thus far and we can’t wait to see her progress and to see her continue to grow, under your care. With us as her parents, who are and have been willing to do everything we can, you as her Doctor and her team of the best therapists, we believe she will truly succeed.  She is the most amazing, intelligent, funny and caring little girl.

You’re not just our family doctor, we feel like you’re part of our family. We just wanted to take a minute to let you know how we feel and to tell you that there was a reason that we came to you, and it’s just now, more than ever, coming to light for us, upon her recent diagnosis. This is exactly where we are supposed to be for our daughter and our family. Thank you.

Sincerely with so much love,