Patient Reviews


Dear Dr. David,

I cannot thank you enough for guiding us along Aedan’s journey to health. When I received the report stating that his liver was healthy with no more fatty infiltration, I sobbed tears of relief and joy, and I immediately thought of how it would not have been possible without you. When other doctors dismissed my concerns, you listened and you validated me and my concern as a mother. You empowered me. You guided us on steps to take to reverse his condition, even though gastroenterology is not your specialty. Because of you, and your willingness to listen and to help, Aedan is once again happy and healthy. You have given us a precious gift, and we will be forever grateful. Thank you. We love you and will be your patients for as long as you will have us.

With love, 

Sara D

About a year ago we were recommended to Dr. Berger by a friend. Our only hesitation was that he does not take our health insurance. But we were tired of going to regular doctors that took our insurance only to be disappointed with the lack of compassion and wisdom. 

Our daughter had really bad skin flare ups since she was 3 years old.  We were constantly given antibiotics and topical steroids to treat what we were told was just severe eczema. After 6 years of stronger steroids her skin got worse every time we stopped the medicine. Her body became allergic to all types of foods and she was unable to gain weight. She was lethargic and unable to sleep comfortable at night or play sports because her body was constantly itching and her skin would break easily. 

When we met Dr. Berger for the first time, he was full of compassion and determined to get to the root cause of her body breaking down. He was the first doctor that told us that the relationship between him and us and our daughter was a partnership and together we would work on getting our little girl well. We were truly amazed by his passion for helping us. Dr. Berger is truly a God sent. We are so happy and excited to share that 1 year after starting a healthy treatment plan (no steroids/no antibiotics) our daughter is doing AMAZING! Her skin is healed and the flare ups are gone. She is growing and gaining weigh and is now in competitive gymnastics. 

Our only regret was that we didn’t make an appointment with Dr. Berger when she was younger. But thankfully our little girl is doing wonderful. We highly recommend Dr. Berger and Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care. 

— The Pereyra Family

My son developed intense stomach pains in Jan ’16 as a result of a stomach virus. Over 10 weeks, he tried 8 prescription meds for pain. Nothing helped. He also developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and depression to the point that he was unable to interact with other children and had to be removed from school and put into a home school program.  Dr. Berger began treating my son in June ’16, and tried various supplement combinations over 9 months. During that time we saw some improvement with my son’s pain levels, anxiety and depression, but not enough to get him back to school. In March ’17, my son started medical cannabis, oral tincture form under Dr. Berger’s care. Within 2 weeks, we saw drastic improvements. My son no longer has any pain, his anxiety has disappeared completely, and he sleeps & eats much better.  He is back in school full time, playing sports, and playing with friends. He is happy, well adjusted, and his concentration in school has improved. The medical cannabis has been a miracle for him.

— DR, mother of MR


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