Welcoming Ethan Levy, Our Newest Practitioner

by DAVID BERGER, M.D. ETHAN LEVY, PA-C, MPAS, MSESS, AT-C, CSCS Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care is thrilled to announce our newest team member — Physician Assistant (PA) Ethan Levy has joined our practice to work with both children and adults! Dr. David has known Ethan both personally and professionally for almost four years, and is thrilled to have […]

Our Office Is Open! Post-Shutdown Guidelines & Precautions

by EMILY COLÓN During the shutdown, we sure missed seeing our patients in the office! The past few months have been an unprecedented, crazy time. Our entire lives have changed — work, school, family, and free time are all different. During this time, Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care has learned a lot about COVID-19 by closely following […]

Dr. David’s Corner: Standing In Solidarity to Combat Systemic Racism

Standing In Solidarity to Combat Systemic Racism Dear Wholistic Community, It is very telling that as we relaunch our newsletter, Our Wholistic Planet, we feel the need to start off with a topic other than the global COVID-19 pandemic plaguing our communities.  Our country is in a state of turmoil following the senseless death of […]

Halt Histamine with Allergy Blasting Smoothies

Dr. Catherine Nutting, Family Nurse Practitioner, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine When exposed to potential allergens such as trees, grass, or flowers, our bodies sometimes respond to these irritants by releasing histamine, which in turn may cause swelling, watery eyes, and runny nose in those susceptible. Your family’s food choices can have a big impact on how […]

Local Wildflower Honey Protocol for Seasonal Allergies

Patsy Giarda, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Winter is winding down and spring is quickly approaching. Warmer weather and enjoying outdoor activities are two of the best things about spring. However, for those who suffer with seasonal environmental allergies, it can also bring the struggle of itchy or watery eyes, persistent runny nose, post-nasal drip, and/or nagging […]

Evaluating Allergies and Food Reactions

David Berger, MD, FAAP Question: What is your approach to evaluating allergies and food reactions? Answer: We frequently get asked about allergy testing. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer because there are many types of sensitivities, each requiring its own lab test. Furthermore, these tests are not 100% reliable. Let me start by explaining that the term […]

Passing Our Values on to Our Children

Dr. Catherine Nutting, Family Nurse Practitioner, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine I recently visited the National Museum of The American Indian.  I was impressed by the well-thought out values the Native American culture intentionally passes down through the generations. One Native American tradition is to pass wisdom down through the generations through The Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers, […]

Heart Healthy Valentine

Dr. Catherine Nutting, Family Nurse Practitioner, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine TEN TIPS FOR HEALTHY VALENTINE GIFTS Fruit – “Apple of My Eye” or “A Real Cutie” Lip Balm – “You’re the Balm” From the Heart – Personally written Valentine Song or Poem Time Together Coupons  – “good for a Daddy-Daughter Date” Paper Airplane – “Flying High […]

Are You Car Safety Savvy?

Patsy Giarda, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Car restraint safety is a topic discussed at every well child check up we do at Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care. At these appointments we review and give anticipatory guidance for the type of car seat your child should be secured in. Because our parents often have questions regarding car […]

New Year, New Goals

Dr. Catherine Nutting, Family Nurse Practitioner, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine A new year gives us the opportunity to restart, refocus, and reprioritize.  As you set your new year’s intentions and goals, here are five wholistic tips to keep you on a healthy and happy path in 2016. WHOLISTIC HEALTH TIP OF THE WEEK Set inspirational, attainable, […]