New Year, New Goals

Jan 6, 2016

Dr. Catherine Nutting, Family Nurse Practitioner, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine

A new year gives us the opportunity to restart, refocus, and reprioritize.  As you set your new year’s intentions and goals, here are five wholistic tips to keep you on a healthy and happy path in 2016.


  1. Set inspirational, attainable, aspirational goals
  2. Refocusing aspirations – if you steer away from your goals, be gentle with yourself, remind yourself you can refocus at any point – you can always start over at any time (reevaluate and begin with the now)
  3. Exploring Healthy Foods – try something new (explore new and exotic fresh fruits and find new ways to prepare vegetables, etc.)
  4. Make Exercise new and fun – try something new (e.g., strength training, HIIT, Hatha Yoga, Kickboxing)
  5. Make Mental health a priority – find time to meditate, journal, and for self-care.


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