The Vega Family

January 6, 2009

We are so grateful for the care you have provided our son and want other families to know about it so that they may also be helped. As you may recall, our son Joshua has had quite a medical history for a child of 5. Eczema, chronic ear infections, repeat antibiotics, tubes in the ears twice, breathing treatments for wheezing, and severe allergies with hives (food, chemical). At age 4, he was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). This helped to explain some odd behaviors (i.e., pulling his sleeves and pant legs all the way up, not wanting soap suds on his body, pulling away from hugs and kisses, aggression, lack of focus, decreased processing of auditory information, marked hyperactivity, and problems with motor & visual tracking skills). We sought care at your practice for his chronic hives, not realizing that the SPD, developmental issues, and allergies were all caused by the same biochemical disturbances and toxicity inside his body. We soon learned his problems were not simply “behavioral,” they were physiological.

We started biomedical interventions with you, Feb 4, 2008. We began to immerse ourselves in every piece of literature we could find to further educate ourselves about biomedical treatment. We found it to be critical to keep a diary of changes we observed (positive and negative) in response to the various treatments employed. This has contributed to very efficient care and much greater understanding of the direct impact of each intervention on our child. Organization has been essential!! Over time biomedical interventions for Joshua have included: eradication of yeast systemically and from the gut, casein/gluten/soy-free diet, low phenol diet, low salycilate diet (Feingold), various supplements including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, digestive enzymes, methyl B12, and detoxification strategies. We saw remarkable improvement as each new intervention was introduced. Within 6 months, our son was functioning normally in terms of sensory processing, behavior, focus, motor & visual tracking skills. He was no longer experiencing hives on a daily basis, his allergies well-controlled through diet and close monitoring of all products (i.e., detergents, shampoo, toothpaste, etc).

Previous attempts at soccer, baseball, and karate were full of anxiety and complete disasters. Joshua would be off on his own spinning in circles, throwing himself on the ground, making odd noises, and unable to focus. Inside, he knew he was failing and was fearful of the constant reminders to “focus Joshua!” He began to complain of a stomach ache when attending. These activities had to be discontinued in lieu of occupational therapy and daily home activities to foster his development. Joshua required special accommodations in pre-school and his teacher was very concerned about his academic future. There was talk of transitioning him out of the private parochial school he was in to obtain better accommodations for him elsewhere once he transitioned to Kindergarten. This was heartbreaking.

Following 6 months of biomedical intervention Joshua was able to get back into karate and earn his yellow belt within 3 weeks and has continued to blossom. He now attends Kindergarten in the same private school in a classroom of 30 children. He is a happy, well-adjusted almost-6 year old. He enjoys having friends over to play and for sleepovers. He is indistinguishable from his peers socially, behaviorally, and academically,… with the exception of being the second child in the class (and the only boy) to pass the 105 site word test and attain a reading level. The class is required to learn 11 site words. According to his teacher, he is well-behaved and extremely bright. He LOVES school. A year ago this would not have been possible.

At this time, January 2009, Joshua continues to receive nutritional and detoxification supporting treatment with you. We hope to conquer to food and chemical allergies by removing the toxins from the body that continue to affect his immune function. We are thankful for the skill and dedication of you and your team. Without you and the other Defeat Autism Now! Practitioners we would have no hope of saving our children’s futures.