Susan L.

February 27, 2009

I wanted to send you a note to tell you that I finally put Sierra and Savanna on a gluten free/casein diet and they are doing amazing. You always suggested this diet and I resisted it. I was afraid that it would be too hard and could not believe it would really be the answer for us. Our lives have been turned around for the better. Savanna tested highly gluten intolerant on her celiac panel and now that she’s been gluten free since September, she can’t eat anything even produced in a facility that produces wheat without getting sick. We have a new neurologist who is on board with everything you started with her. She has started growing, she has more energy, is not as impulsive, no more bowel problems, the list goes on and on of things that have improved.

Sierra is gluten free too and although her tests were negative for gluten intolerance or allergy, her skin issues have cleared up, her behavior is better and she is doing really well in school. Our new local doctor is supporting all the supplements you started us on so we continue with all that treatment as well.

I wanted to thank you for all you do for us and all your patients. You got us on the right track and I wish I had had the courage to try GF/CF much earlier as you suggested!