Leigh Ann Parent

August 10, 2012

I am many years late with this letter. My son William was a patient of yours around 2004? When you first met us William was delayed, non-verbal, zero eye-contact. Honestly, I didn’t know my son- he did not react or interact with anyone, not even me, his mom. He was severely withdrawn and only made noise when he desperately wanted his way……which was always OCD related, or so it seemed. We couldn’t leave a waiting room until all of the blocks were touched or lined up or sorted or put away…whatever the order was for the day.

I don’t think we were under your care for that long, but we did everything you suggested, including educating ourselves and looking for other people making progress in our town (Ocala). We drove hours every week to secure pure local foods. We prayed and we worked and we studied and we learned and we applied your principles to our lives……for years.

And we succeeded! Today William is 10 1/2 yrs old and thriving! He is the most loving, emotional and caring boy I ever did meet! He’s smart and intuitive. He cares about others- He is the boy holding the door, helping to load the groceries or starting a conversation with strangers!
Today people of all ages are drawn to him-like they just want to be near him. OCD gone! Sometimes, I find myself tuning him out!!! And then I remember, say a prayer, and thank God!