February 29, 2008

We are now 1 month into the B-12,and we are amazed at the progress.

As I look at the diagnosis list for autism, at the beginning of this process of biomedical intervention, Christopher fit 6 of 7 of the criteria total of the three categories, now I am happy to say he only fits 1(speech and language).

Since using threelac and MB-12 shots, we have seen the following:

1. Christopher seeks interaction at the park with peers and talks with them. He’s a leader. I would say everyone follows him. He says “come on guys let’s play and slide” (the old Christopher would sit under the slide and watch children play but never get involved)

2. Obsessive Compulsions have completely disappeared, He still likes his marvel comic men but plays with all his other toys.

3. He tries new food. For anyone who has never experienced their child going to bed hungry for months because he was unwilling to try anything new and began to have a problem with the foods he did like, this was heart wrenching. Now he tries almost everything I put in front of him. Two nights ago I made chicken vegetable soup, He sat right down and began to eat it. He has never eaten soup his whole life. Last night he ate scrambled eggs (I literally cried at the table because he didn’t even bat an eyelash as he stuffed his mouth and said “mmm this is good!”

4. Chistopher can now sit at an activity for periods of 15 min for therapy when just a few weeks ago he would only sit 15 seconds or less. The therapist even said this is not the same child I saw last week even….what have you changed? (MB-12)

5. I have never, and I mean never, been able to read a book to Christopher. He used to take the book from me and throw it spit on me and throw a fit even if I attempted to read to him. I succumbed to buckling him into his car seat and reading from the drivers side, still with kicking and screaming. I have always read to my children always this was hard for me to understand. GREAT NEWS!! Not only did I complete one full book 2 days ago but I completed 3 for a total of 20 min. And now he allows me to read to him.

6. Upon starting the diet of eliminating the positive test results for food intolerance, speech came immediately, All of the interventions we have tried have been safe and easy, with the exception of the diet, because my child wouldn’t eat. The last 5 months are worth every tear and laugh and joy we have felt as each day he progresses. He now talks to all of us and is quite funny. My youngest daughter was getting dressed and left her door open and Christopher walks by and said “ooh I see your butt!” Sorry if that sounded gross, but I had to share that one. He’s quick with his comments and funny as heck. He laughs at the cartoons being silly, like he gets it now where before he would just watch it with no response other than to repeat what he heard. He is no longer repeating, and full of laughter as he watches.
Thank you Doctor Berger and Staff for allowing me to get my whole child back!! All of you are precious and are a Gift from GOD!