What Are The Possible Side Effects of Taking Probiotics and What Is The Best Probiotic for Me?

Probiotics can be used in many different ways and forms. Learn how to choose a good probiotic for your life and health.

When is a Baby Considered Late and What are the Consequences of the Baby Being Late?

Typically a baby is not considered late until 42 weeks. Even if a due date is passed it is still safe to carry a baby well past the due date.

What Are Other Causes of Anemia Besides Iron Deficiency and How Do You Treat Those?

Iron is not always the cause for anemia. Learn about other conditions that contribute to the development of anemia.

The Roles of Antibiotics and Probiotics

Use of probiotics is a great way to maintain good bacterias. It is recommended to boost probiotics when antibiotics are taken in order to maintain healthy bacteria levels since antibiotics will kill good bacterias. Probiotics can ultimately help to prevent bad bacteria from developing thus lowering the need to use antibiotics.

What Can Be Done to Naturally Induce Delivery?

Through this video learn some natural ways to induce delivery.

What Are the Benefits to Breastfeeding?

There are many benefits to breastfeeding for both the nursing mother and the baby, including enhanced physical, mental, and immunity health.

When is a C-Section Appropriate and When Might it Be Avoided?

A C-section is a major operation that is sometimes advised during the pregnancy or birthing process. If you are considering the possibility of a C-section, it is best to know the risks involved and circumstances that may warrant making this choice.

How Do You Counter Toxic Metabolites Created by Killing Off Pathological Yeast & Bacteria in the G.I. Tract?

By using activated charcoal we can protect the body from taking on the toxins when killing off yeast and bacteria.

How to Choose Safe Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Omega 3 fatty acids are critical to a healthy diet. Watch this video to learn how to ensure your sources are safe.

Why Should a Baby Be Nursed As Soon As Possible?

A baby should be nursed as soon as possible. Early nursing aids in the early production of breast milk which is an important factor in the development of a young baby.