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anthony adult with autism and medical cannabis

Epilepsy, Autism and Medical Marijuana; A Florida Mom’s Fight for her Son’s Life

“We were at a loss on what to do to help stop Anthony’s seizures.”  Joann Shea

“His parents’ goal was to reduce his seizures, behavioral meltdowns, and anxiety. They wanted him to have a better quality of life and be happy.” – David Berger, MD

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Christina's medical cannabis and cancer success story

Tampa Woman with Childhood Cancer
Finds Pain Relief with Marijuana

“Immediately, (after taking medical cannabis) I felt comfortable with zero side effects.” “My symptoms have gone way down, I can go all day without pain in my body, especially my joints and back.” – Christina Gates

“I am not aware of any other treatment that brings more symptom relief to patients with cancer than medical cannabis.” – David Berger, MD

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Lauren and her son playing after medical cannabis treatment for Crohn's disease.

Crohn’s Disease Proves No Match for Florida Woman

“I knew Lauren for years as an energetic and active person with a wonderful disposition, but when she came in for the appointment, I had never seen her look so sick and sad. – David Berger, MD. (before treatment)

“I have never had as little pain in my life as I do now. I am at my happiest point.” – Lauren Leiva (after treatment)

“Lauren looks vibrant, healthy and happy and ready to take on the world. You would never know she has gone through so much by looking at her.” – David Berger, MD (after treatment)

chronic pain and medical cannabis

For Seniors with Chronic Pain, Medical Cannabis is a Relief

“Medical cannabis is not a cure for me, it is a relief without a feeling of being high. My neuropathy is about 90% gone. I have also used topical THC cream on the severe nerve pain caused by a bone spur on my foot, and within minutes the pain was gone.”

THC Transforms Florida Boy with Autism and Severe Anxiety

“Our lives have changed. I have a very happy little man . . . He still has autism, but medical cannabis has stopped the severe panic attacks and anxiety he had been experiencing for years. ”

An important part of the job of being a parent is to ease the pain a child experiences.


Gaylord Kenyon, of Orlando, FL was a young child when his seizures began.

After 50 Years, Florida Man is
Seizure-free Thanks to CBD

“…For the first time in the more than fifty years we have been married, Gaylord is seizure-free and completely off Dilantin. . .We are now weaning his other two medications.”


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