Success Stories

chronic pain and medical cannabis

For Seniors with Chronic Pain, Medical Cannabis is a Relief

“Medical cannabis is not a cure for me, it is a relief without a feeling of being high. My neuropathy is about 90% gone. I have also used topical THC cream on the severe nerve pain caused by a bone spur on my foot, and within minutes the pain was gone.”

THC Transforms Florida Boy with Autism and Severe Anxiety

“Our lives have changed. I have a very happy little man . . . He still has autism, but medical cannabis has stopped the severe panic attacks and anxiety he had been experiencing for years. ”

An important part of the job of being a parent is to ease the pain a child experiences.


Gaylord Kenyon, of Orlando, FL was a young child when his seizures began.

After 50 Years, Florida Man is
Seizure-free Thanks to CBD

“…For the first time in the more than fifty years we have been married, Gaylord is seizure-free and completely off Dilantin. . .We are now weaning his other two medications.”


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