Our Philosophy
  • At Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care we focus on identifying and treating all the factors that influence health: physical, mental, environmental, and biochemical.
  • Our mission is to find the cause of health problems, rather than to simply manage them.
  • Our approach to evidenced-based integrative medicine is guided by both the ancient wisdom and the ever-growing technological advances of Western Medicine.
  • As facilitators of health and healing, we embody a new model of health care providing a whole-person approach to comprehensive health and wellness.

Our Tampa Location

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Dr. David Berger MD

David Berger, MD, FAAP | Board Certified Pediatrician

Dr. David is a Board Certified Pediatrician who specializes in holistic pediatric primary care, nutritional and detoxification therapies for autism, ADHD and related disorders and immune dysregulation such as allergies, asthma and autoimmune disorders. He also sees adults with these medical conditions. In addition, Dr. David works with women and men who wish to do preconception and prenatal counseling, testing and treatments to try and optimize the health of the pregnancy and baby.

He graduated from The Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1994 and did his Pediatric Residency at the University of South Florida. He started using holistic therapies at the Tampa General Hospital/USF Pediatric Clinic during his residency. He has served as the team doctor for Tampa Catholic High School, the Medical Director for a summer camp run by the Tampa AIDS Network, and the Medical Liaison for the Palm Beach County Breast Feeding Task Force. He has been in private practice since 1997, and in 2005 he opened Wholistic Pediatrics in Tampa, Florida.

Dr. David has been an advanced practitioner of biomedical therapies, advocating the Autism Research Institute philosophy, since 1999. In 2010, Dr. Berger was appointed the position of Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida College of Nursing.

Catherine Nutting - DNP, FNP, Nationally Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Catherine Nutting, DNP, FNP | Nationally Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Catherine earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of South Florida and is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has earned a Diplomate Certification as a American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioner (ABAAHP) from the the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She has completed an Integrative medicine residency through the University of South Florida. She holds a Masters of Medical Science- Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine. She is a Fellow of Anti-aging Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

As a principle investigator for research on Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Dr. Nutting is contributing to cutting edge science. She is a national speaker, published author, preceptor and trainer on related topics. Dr. Nutting has developed and implemented weight management and wellness programs. She manages family practice patients using a wellness approach focusing on health related symptoms from a metabolic root cause perspective.

Patsy-Giarda Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Patsy Giarda, ARNP, CPNP | Nationally Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Patsy is a  Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Florida State University. She then went on to attend University of South Florida and obtained a Master’s of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Pediatric Primary Care. While working many years in various inpatient pediatric settings, she developed a passion for helping families understand the disease processes going on with their child. She discovered that with knowledge, these families can become empowered to take control of their child’s health management.

Patsy also began to observe that with adequate preventative care and health promotion, children could remain healthy despite having various medical conditions. She quickly realized that in primary care, she could help children and families remain healthier with the guidance of health optimization and prevention of disease. Patsy looks forward to bringing her knowledge and skills to the families of Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care.

Andrea Stocksdale - 2

Andrea Stocksdale

Patient Care Coordinator

After experiencing her own natural, out of hospital birth with a midwife, Andrea became inspired to dedicate her life to providing safe and peaceful options to birthing women and their families. She moved from Massachusetts in 2004 to attend The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville, FL. From that time onward, Andrea has worked in the area of women’s health in various capacities, and began practicing as a Licensed Midwife in January of 2009.

With the support of her husband and 2 daughters, she has had the pleasure of providing gentle, evidence-based maternity care to hundreds of mothers and babies in the Tampa Bay area. A longtime advocate of holistic medicine and natural wellness, Andrea is excited to be working with the amazing team at Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care in her new role as Patient Care Coordinator.

Stephanie Folines

Stephanie Folines

Billing & Supplement Manager

Stephanie grew up in upstate New York and moved to Florida in 2000.  She is married and has a daughter and a son.  She is responsible for daily billing operations and ensuring supplements are readily available for our patients’ needs. You may find yourself communicating with Stephanie in person, over the phone or through emails. Either way, she will ensure your inquiries are answered under the directives from Dr. David Berger.

Emily Hernandez

Emily Hernandez

Patient Liaison & HBOT Technician

Born and raised in the Bronx, Emily first moved to Tampa in late 2004. She began working for Wholistic Pediatrics the summer of 2005. She is sometimes compared to J Lo, another Puerto Rican from the Bronx.  Although that statement is far from true, she still had it placed in her bio. With her Latin upbringing, she learned to speak Spanish before English and currently uses that talent to assist families by translating during consultations with Dr. Berger.


Kimmie Stadelman

Kimmie Stadelman

Lab Technician

Kimmie was born in Canton, Ohio and moved to Lakeland, Florida with her husband Kenny in 1996. She has 4 wonderful children.  She started working in Pediatrics as a receptionist in 1999. As a fellow lover of live music, it didn’t take long to find out that Dr. Berger and Melissa were looking for a receptionist and she joined the team in 2005.  Kimmie advanced to the role of phlebotomist and medical assistant in 2007. Her gentle hand and kind soul have put many patients’ minds at ease.